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Website Audits – Common Issues

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

When we conduct website audits for our supported schools, there are some essential Ofsted requirements which we commonly find are missing or outdated.

Does your school website meet these requirements?

  • Policies – Key policies required by law, such as Behaviour and Equality policies, are often out of date. Certain policies, such as the Safeguarding Policy, must be updated annually.

  • Exam and Assessment Results – There should be a table of results or a document on the school website containing this information, alongside a link to the school’s performance table on the website. We often find that schools only have the performance tables link, or their table/document is incomplete and does not show all the information required.

  • Pupil Premium/Sports Premium – Schools that receive this funding must include information on their website about how much funding was received, how it will be spent and why, as well as information about the impact of the funding (once this is known). Some of this information is often missing on school websites for both the current and previous academic years.

  • Governance – We often find that when a governor has stepped down or their membership has been renewed, this isn’t updated on the website. The same goes for attendance - as a minimum requirement, the last 12 months attendance at governor meetings should be on the website. If a governor has stepped down, their details must continue to be displayed on the school website under a section called “No Longer a Governor” for 12 months.

We hope this information provides schools with an idea of what they may need to check on their website, alongside providing a small snapshot of what we will check for during our audits.

For more information about our website auditing service, which is free for any school subscribed to our website SLA, please visit this link:


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