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Reliable, Accessible, Responsive.

The ICT Technical Service Team links very closely with School MIS Support, ensuring a consistent approach. Our purchasing power with approved suppliers and contractors provides opportunities for value for money procurement.



Strategic Advice and Planning
  • Work with school / organisation on 3 – 5 Year ICT development plan

  • Integrating e-Safety technology

  • Continual improvement

Infrastructure and Network Services
  • Secure, reliable network design

  • Quality infrastructure practice

  • High Speed Wireless Solutions

  • Secure encrypted backup

  • Networking monitoring

Software Licensing
  • Microsoft Licensing, Apple License management (VPP).

  • All major Educational software vendors supported

Teaching and Learning
  • Recognised global industry suppliers & working relationships

  • Latest solutions integrated for efficient productivity

  • Administration and Presentation Technologies

Advanced Technical Support
  • Pro-active support with on-site visits and remote access

  • Full Server & client implementation, including iPAD management

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