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Website Audits

Recently, we have been conducting website audits for our supported schools to check the information on each website is up to date and follows Ofsted requirements.

Our Unique Auditing Service

Here at eServices, we’ve made our own audit checklists from scratch, which are personalised according to the requirements for each school type (Nurseries, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Academies, PRUs and Special Schools).

We fill out these checklists using a special colour coded system to visually represent which requirements have or have not been met: - Red – This information is completely missing from the school website - Amber – This information is partially there on the school website, but certain things need to be added, changed, or updated - Green – This information is on the school website, and nothing needs to be added, changed, or updated

Once completed, we send the checklist to the designated school contact via an email which also contains a very detailed breakdown about what exactly needs to be added or changed to make the website fully compliant with Ofsted requirements – we always aim to be as detailed as possible with this to ensure it is easy for our schools to clearly understand what they need to do.

If the school has subscribed into our website SLA, then they will be asked to send amendments to the support desk so that we can update their website. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure they read the email sent to them and take the necessary action.

How Can I Get a Website Audit for My School?

If your school is subscribed to our website SLA, then we will do your audit for FREE as part of the website SLA package. We are currently aiming to audit our schools during the summer holidays, and we will audit every school we support regardless of if they specifically ask us for one.

If you are subscribed to our website SLA and would like your audit done sooner, then please email us at or send a ticket through to our helpdesk at

If you are not subscribed to our website SLA, then we can still do your website audit! We also offer audits as a standalone service so every school can benefit from our unique and detailed service. Contact us at for more information.


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