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Scam Calls

There seems to be a lot of scam calls at the moment so it is important to stay vigilant. An example of one of these is below:

Impersonating: Sky

What they might say: You are being hacked and we need to check a few things...including WiFi.

Asking about: Bank details, Bank Card(s), Bank Card reader, Amazon details, Home Wifi, Phones / iPads, Laptops / Desktops.

Asking you to: Install/download an App onto your devices, Using something called Teams support, Screen going black, Timer on screen, Possible transfer from your bank (possibly to Daniel B).

Advice: Firstly - hang up and ignore it.

If you have already started to answer questions Stop, hang up, shut down and turn off and devices that have been involved immediately. Call any companies i.e. Sky or your bank that have been involved in the call or where account details may have been compromised and inform them.

Seek additional IT help! Even if it is just to go through this with you and double check that you have done all that you can to mitigate further problems.

Inform your educational establishment if a work device may have been compromised.

General scam advice: Think - am I expecting this call Does - this sound like a genuine call Should - I give out these details.

If you are unsure, take down some details about the call - their name, number and a call reference if there is one. Hang up and call the company back from the number on their official website. It would be advisable to call from a different phone as there have been occasion the scammer has made it to connect back to them.

If you don't know who they are they the chances are it is a scam call at which point you will need to make up your own mind to call them back or not (make sure it is not a premium rate number, etc before calling!).


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