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Remote Working with Microsoft Teams

Did you know Microsoft Teams is a great app for remote work?

The Microsoft Teams desktop app is available for you to download onto your home computer.

For many schools Microsoft Teams can play an important role in educating pupils, especially those in higher years (KS2 onwards). With Microsoft Teams, you are able to do the following:

  • Share resources with staff and pupils

  • Co-author documents/files such as homework etc.

  • Stay connected with channel conversations

  • Online meetings

  • Video conferences

  • Create assignments/homework for pupils and give feedback

By making Teams available to your school community you can make remote working easier.

If you would like any information on creating a Team for your school, please get in touch with the eServices Team on 01902 555555 or email

You may also find our following YouTube videos useful:

Logging Into Microsoft Teams and a Brief Overview | Introduction & Tutorial

Chats Conversations and Collaborative Working in Microsoft Teams | Tutorial

Schedule A Meeting in Microsoft Teams | Tutorial

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