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Microsoft Bookings & Parents Evenings

Does your school have a Parents Evening coming up soon?

Microsoft Bookings is an easy way for parents to book slots - on any device, all they need to do is follow a link, click the time they want, fill out their details and done!

Setting Up Microsoft Bookings

This bookings system is nice and easy to set up too - please click the link below for a video tutorial we've put together:

Would you like some more detailed training? We're happy to provide training sessions for Microsoft Bookings (and much more!) upon request - please email us at if you're interested.

Embedding Microsoft Bookings on Your Website

Also, did you know that you can embed Microsoft Bookings on your school website for easy access?

Please click the link below to see how this works on one of our supported schools' websites:

If you're subscribed to our Website SLA, you can send a ticket to our helpdesk for help with embedding Microsoft Bookings on your website.


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