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Successful Training At Lawnswood

In our schools we are pushing out the new SMART notebook software. However, installing the software isn't where our service ends. We also provide training to our schools in using the software.

On 27th November I went into the Lawnswood Campus to deliver some brief training sessions to the staff on the use of the new software and the new SMARTBoard hardware they have just had installed. These short taster sessions gave the staff a brief rundown of the software and some of the more powerful features. One of the most popular was SMART Lab which allows teachers to create educational games and activities with the minimum of effort.

The feedback from staff at the end of the sessions was excellent and I look forward to visiting Lawnswood again to help them move further forward.

If you would like to book a training session for SMART Notebook, Office 365 or Windows 10 then please get in touch with the office at (01902) 555555 or email us at

Dave Taylor 28th November 2017

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