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The Half Term Haste

​As we approach Half Term you may be thinking the eServices Team are getting ready for a week off. Of course, some of us are taking a well-earned break. However, much of the team will be in and racing around our supported schools with abandon.

The half term break is ideal for us to be rebuilding servers, overseeing the installation of SMART boards, installing new school servers and reimaging laptops and iPads. There are also updates to carry out. This is especially relevant this week with the news of the KRACK Attack. This is a flaw in the way wireless devices communicate. Therefore, the majority of wireless devices from routers, laptops and mobile devices will need an update. Many of these things will update automatically but we have to make sure. As we race around our ears are pressed to the ground waiting for news of updates and once they are released, we ensure they are pushed out.

These quiet weeks for the school can be our most busy. It can be a challenge trying to fit everything into a small, one week window. Each year we refine our working practises to get the most out of these flashes of quiet in busy schools.

Therefore, don’t be surprised to find your techie seeming to limber up and stretch over the week as if ready for a 100 metre sprint. Come Monday morning the starting gun will fire and we will run. The Half Term Haste will begin.

And we can’t wait.

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