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How Good is Your Cyber Security?

In February 2024, some UK universities experienced cyberattacks that disrupted their IT systems and network connectivity. The two main affected institutions were The University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester. The University of Wolverhampton also reported an attack, but at the time of writing it is unclear if it is from the same hacking group.

These attacks show how important cyber security is for educational institutions, particularly with the sensitive data schools have to store. All institutions need to be aware of the potential threats and take cyber security seriously by implementing best practices and investing in adequate protection. Cyber security is not only a technical issue, but also a human one, as staff and students need to be trained and educated on how to avoid falling victim to phishing, malware or ransomware.

Spotting Spam & Phishing Emails

Speaking of the need for staff and students to be trained and educated, on our YouTube channel we have put together a small video with some tips on spotting dodgy spam emails:

How to Improve Your Cyber Security

If you are a school that needs more information or guidance on how to improve your cyber security posture, you can contact eServices by emailing We provide IT support for schools, including cyber security solutions and services. We can help you assess your current situation, identify your vulnerabilities, and implement effective measures to protect your systems and data. We can also help you recover from a cyberattack, if you have been affected. We can also provide training to your staff to help them stay safe in what is becoming an ever increasingly risky online world.


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